Pulau Pinang or well-known Penang, Malaysia. Another trip Penang every other year. Lol! You guys can check out previous post for the details on how to get to Penang by road or ferry.

Good food to try when you are in Penang. I have shared this on my previous post too. But here's a new thing we got, Hameed Pata Mee Sotong. One of the famous noodle here. Believe me, we had to line up for over half an hour to order food here. But it was worth it!

Another interesting street arts found along the way in Georgetowm, Penang. If you are into the art, you can find the creativity almost everywhere here.

There was a nice desk for you to relax and enjoy a drink by the beach too. A lot of ferry and industry ship passing by. It is facing straight to the mainland. The only access to go back to mainland is by ferry or the long bridge.

This trip is different, because we ended up visiting one of the famous historical building belong to KHOO CLAN and it is still maintain by the descendants (I believe). The building structure are in place as you can see the unique and detailing. Watch YouTube channel for FULL VIDEO!

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