KUALA LUMPUR: Julie’s unveiled its new line-up of dessert-inspired biscuits called Charm.

The launch marks the brand’s indulgent series since its inception.

Meticulously crafted for almost five years, Charm aims to capture the delicious popular and classic dessert flavours in a convenient, snackable biscuit format.

This new range comes in two mouth-watering flavours – double chocolate and tiramisu.

Tzy Horng Sai, Julie's Biscuits director said:“Since rebranding in 2020, we have always taken the bold approach in introducing new products into the market.

“Julie's brand is synonymous with great-tasting biscuits and consumers know the quality to expect.

“With this new range, not only do we want to introduce products that are tasty and of quality, but as a brand, we also want our products to inspire consumers.”

Tzy shared, “What we had in mind with Charm was to create something people can indulge in. With this product, we want to remind consumers to allow themselves to indulge in something like Charm every once in a while, as a form of self-love.

“We hope that this new product and its push for self-love can bring positive effects into consumers' lives.”

Each Charm biscuit is made from quality ingredients that are carefully selected after years of research to ensure its delicious taste and quality. The double chocolate is a rich and indulgent dark chocolate flavoured biscuit, a crowd’s favourite, with a smooth and creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

The tiramisu is a more sophisticated and unique flavour that is not commonly found in biscuits, making it an interesting option for consumers who are looking to try something different.

This new biscuit line-up filled with indulgent ingredients are conveniently packed into one portable to go packaging that consists of eight packs of two biscuit pieces.

Charm is designed to be enjoyed as a standalone snack, or can be paired with coffee and tea, or even used as an ingredient for your cake creation.

The product is also suitable for any occasion, invented to fuel you in between meals or used as an enjoyable dessert after a hearty meal.

To celebrate the launch of this new biscuit range, Julie’s hosted an exclusive experiential event for its loyal customers at APW Bangsar over the weekend.

In line with the product’s aspiration to get consumers to practice self-indulgence, the event called Me, Myself and Charm took consumers on a selfishly indulgent journey.

Guests were able to focus on themselves and enjoy the activities planned such as taking part in a candle making workshop inspired by scents of the new biscuit at the Charm Sensory Lab. This self-indulgent event also featured fun activities such as numerous creative photo walls and delicious samplings of the new Charm range.

Guests also took home a souvenir - a customised engraved teaspoon.

To start treating yourself with Julie’s Charm, purchase it online from the official Julie’s Shopee and Lazada flagship store.

For purchase in-store, visit your nearest neighbourhood convenience stores or hypermarkets.

To get continuous updates on Julie’s latest promotions, contests, and activities, visit its website or follow it on Facebook at and Instagram at

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