Gardenia Bakeries has launched its newest addition to the Gardenia Breakthru family, the Gardenia Breakthru Bran & WheatGerm.

This innovative bread is specifically designed to cater to individuals embarking on a healthier journey, offering exceptional nutritional benefits and high calcium.

The shift in the consumers’ attitude toward a healthier way of living and better eating habits provided a tangible reason for Gardenia Bakeries to produce a range that is nutritious and packed with energy.

More importantly, for the new generation of consumers who prioritize health and nutrition, Gardenia Breakthru is the much-needed option.

As part of the healthier range of bread products in Gardenia's extensive line of offerings, Gardenia Breakthru Bran & WheatGerm stands out with its exceptionally high calcium content, surpassing all other loaves in Gardenia's range of products.

Each serving is packed with the benefits of high calcium, playing a vital role in supporting strong bones and teeth, making it an excellent addition to a balanced diet.

Through rigorous research and development and many long hours of ingenuity, Gardenia incorporated its new formula, known as '8CTIVE™', which includes high vitamins A and E, iron, and protein, low in fat and other health-promoting elements such as having no cholesterol and no trans fat.

Gardenia Breakthru Bran & WheatGerm is targeted toward individuals who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

This innovative new product serves as an excellent vehicle for consumers to make the upgrade from white bread to a healthier option of Gardenia Breakthru’s Bran & WheatGerm.

It's convenient for anyone looking to add more nutrition to their daily diet from working adults to parents and senior citizens, enabling them to stay physically and mentally energised throughout the day.

With the launch of the Gardenia Breakthru Bran & WheatGerm, mothers now have the option to provide meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious. The soft and fluffy texture of this new variant makes it highly suitable for children. Now, families can break through all barriers and enjoy a delicious and nutritious slice of Gardenia Breakthru.

The existing two variants under the Gardenia Breakthru range – namely Gardenia Breakthru Whole Wheat and Gardenia Breakthru Canadian Purple Wheat, were developed to meet the rising consumer demand for healthy grain loaves.

These two variants were launched in October 2022. All three loaves from Gardenia Breakthru range with 8CTIVE™ formula have been approved by the Health Ministry.

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