I've been on numerous solo travels, each journey was an experience that has taught me about my strengths and bolstered my confidence. Solo travel not only contributes to personal growth but also promotes mental and physical well-being. To ensure a smooth experience, I always thoroughly prepare myself with research and careful planning, which is instrumental in navigating the journey ahead. 

Setting off on a solo travel adventure is a liberating choice, particularly for women. It's an invitation to explore new boundaries, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, and engage in self-discovery. The notion might be intimidating initially, but with the right preparation and destination choice, you can ensure a fulfilling and safe voyage. Here's your guide to taking the leap into solo travel. Here's some tips to guide on your first solo trip.

Preparation: Your Solo Travel Companion

Thorough research about your desired destinations is crucial. Learn important local phrases, acquaint yourself with cultural norms, and make duplicates of key documents like your passport and travel insurance. You can start a solo travel nearby your city (if you don't comfortable to go far our of the city). Trust me, the further you go, the challenging it will be. Especially if you are planning to go to a country that does not speak your language.

Safety First

When traveling alone, prioritize safety. Opt for accommodations with strong safety reviews and round-the-clock front desk services. Keep someone informed about your travel plans and maintain regular contact. A comprehensive travel insurance policy is also a wise investment.

Pack Smart

Efficient packing is vital when you’re managing your bags alone. Aim for a light suitcase while including essentials like a first-aid kit, a portable charger, and a sturdy lock. Modest attire can be beneficial to blend in and minimize unwanted attention in certain locales.

Most of the time, I will do a backpack rather than luggage, because for me, when you are all alone, your safety comes first and you want to ensure that you are well aware of your surrounding when you move. Everything in a backpack, that you can move along with it.

Choosing the Right Destination

For your inaugural solo journey, consider countries known for their safety and traveler-friendly environments. Destinations like New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and Scandinavian countries are excellent choices, offering diverse experiences and a warm reception to solo female explorers. 

South East Asia also offers a great travel experience, especially, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These countries are safe and easy to travel since their countries are well develop with good public transportation.

Trip Duration

The length of your solo trip should align with your comfort zone and destination. A shorter trip, maybe a week or two, is advisable for first-timers, providing a taste of solo travel without being overwhelming.

Staying Connected

With the convenience of modern technology, staying in touch is straightforward. Secure a local SIM card or a Wi-Fi device for easy access to navigation, translation, and emergency contacts. Utilize travel apps for insights on dining and attractions.

It is depending on the country that I'll visit. Sometime I will roam and sometimes I do buy the local simcard or data plan. 

Making Connections

Being solo doesn't mean you're alone. Connect with other travelers and locals through group activities or cultural experiences, enhancing your travel and providing camaraderie.

This is the best part of travelling solo, you will use your guts to approach people to ask about the surrounding or even a tips. You can just grab a coffee at a cafe and make friends with anyone with the same mind set or even locals.

Self-Care is Paramount

Attune to your well-being. If exhaustion sets in, take a break. Documenting your travels through a journal can be therapeutic and insightful.

Make sure to have a water bottle all time. Its very important to keep your self hydrated. When you are on solo travel, you will tend to walk a lot. 

Embrace Each Moment

Solo travel is about the experience as well as the places you visit. It's an intimate exploration of the unknown, sprinkled with self-realization. Keep an open mindset, be adaptable, and savor each minute.


Solo travel as a woman is a uniquely rewarding endeavor that brings a mix of challenges and victories. With thoughtful planning, selecting a secure and welcoming location, and ensuring connectivity, your solo journey can be an empowering and unforgettable episode. The world is vast, and so is your spirit for adventure. Safe travels!

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