Embark on a journey with us as we explore the captivating streets of Georgetown, Penang. From the scenic drive from Kuala Lumpur to our delightful stay at Urban Suite to the must-visit places and delectable food stops, this travel guide has it all. Join us on a virtual tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and let the charm of Penang enchant you.

Getting There: The Road Less Traveled

Getting to Penang offers multiple options – buses, airplanes, or a personal car. Opting for a road trip, we drove from KL to Penang, covering the approximately 4-hour journey on a weekday morning. The traffic was manageable, and the toll cost around RM55+-. 

It is good if you plan your travel during weekdays to avoid traffic congestion, and consider a scenic road trip for a memorable journey.

Stays: Urban Suite, Penang via Airbnb

As soon we arrived in Georgetown, we checked in at our cozy stay at Urban Suite, Penang, booked through Airbnb, added comfort to our trip. The new building, modern amenities, and hospitality made it a delightful choice. While there were minor inconveniences like slow lifts and high parking, the overall experience was pleasant. 

Book your stay on Airbnb through this link for a seamless and enjoyable accommodation.

Exploring Georgetown: Unveiling Hidden Gems

1. Armenian Street: Street Art Galore

Armenian Street stands as a captivating canvas, showcasing the renowned Penang street art scene. To make the most of this cultural treasure, kick-start your day early to enjoy the serene morning ambiance and beat the crowds. Equipped with the indispensable "Marking George Town" map, explore 53 locations that encapsulate the vivid street art narrative, an integral part of Penang's cultural tapestry.

As you traverse this artistic landscape, ensure your comfort with suitable footwear, enhancing your ability to appreciate the unique artworks. For an extraordinary perspective, contemplate hiring a rickshaw to tour the area, allowing you to experience Penang's rich culture from a distinctive vantage point. Seize the moment to capture the city's essence through stunning photos that narrate a visual story of its vibrant heritage.

Discover numerous Penang street art photography spots throughout the area, ensuring that every corner is a potential backdrop for your creative endeavors. To make the most of your artistic adventure, don't miss the opportunity to embark on a rickshaw tour in Penang, adding a touch of novelty to your exploration of this cultural gem.

While immersing yourself in this artistic haven, take the opportunity to indulge in the authenticity of Malaysian cuisine at the nearby food stalls. The street is not just a canvas but a gastronomic journey waiting to be explored.

2. Chew Jetty and Lee Jetty: Discover the Charm of Penang's Water Village Life

Take a delightful stroll into the heart of Penang's water village life by exploring Chew Jetty and Lee Jetty. While both are popular spots, for an enchanting experience, opt for the tranquility of Lee Jetty. Admire the meticulous arrangement of stilt houses, bask in the warmth of welcoming locals, and soak in the pristine ambiance of a traditional 'Penang water village.'

Lee Jetty offers a unique perspective, providing visitors with an authentic glimpse into the daily lives of the Lee clan. Contrasting with the lively atmosphere of Chew Jetty, this quieter enclave reveals a more intimate side of Penang's rich cultural heritage.

3. The Storyteller Cafe: Unveiling Penang's Hidden Gem of Harry Potter Vibes and Butterscotch Beer Delights

Step into the enchanting world of The Storyteller Cafe, where the allure of Harry Potter vibes and the tantalizing aroma of butterscotch beer create a magical atmosphere. Immerse your senses in the strong, delightful taste of their Butterscotch Beer and elevate your experience by renting costumes for whimsical and memorable photos.

@heyiamash PENANG: Butterbeer at The Storyteller cafe. Don’t worry! Its non alcoholic drinks. Another Harry Potter vibes in town. . . . #harrypotter #butterscotchbeer #butterbeer #thestorytellercafe #harrypottercafe #travelinpenang #travelinmalaysia #asiatravel ♬ Harry's Wondrous World (Theme from Harry Potter) - John Williams & Synchron Stage Orchestra & Wizarding World

Often underrated and tucked away, The Storyteller Cafe is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Surprisingly, not many have exposed the charm of this Harry Potter-inspired haven. A visit is truly worth it, especially for a cozy cup of Butterscotch Beer that adds a touch of magic to your Penang adventure.

4. Roti Bakar Hutton Lane: A Culinary Journey into Penang's Breakfast Delights

Delight your taste buds at Roti Bakar Hutton Lane, a culinary gem offering a delightful array of toasted delights. Dive into the flavors of their famous toasted bread, a must-try for anyone exploring Penang's breakfast scene. The signature Roti, accompanied by aromatic chicken curry and perfectly half-boiled eggs, presents a gastronomic delight that's simply irresistible.

@heyiamash One you could not missed in Penang, the local breakfast at Roti Bakar Hutton Lane. You guys should try the famous roti canai with chicken, it was good. . The stal has been there for ages, I think the taste are still same. . #rotibakarhuttonlane #penang #georgetown #travelinmalaysia #travelinasia #travelinpenang ♬ Sh-Boom - Crew Cuts

This eatery stands out as one of the best choices for a fulfilling "Penang breakfast" experience. The signature Roti is an absolute must-try, ensuring your culinary journey in Penang is nothing short of extraordinary.

5. Khing Cafe: A Creperie Haven with a Touch of Nostalgia

Make sure to include Khing Cafe in your Georgetown itinerary for an unforgettable culinary experience. Tucked away, this hidden gem not only serves the best crepes in town but also boasts a charming Instagrammable cafe setting in Georgetown. The interior, adorned with pictures of Michael Jackson and other intriguing memorabilia, adds a nostalgic touch to your visit.

Indulge your taste buds with the delightful Biscoff Cafe Latte and the mouthwatering Biscoff Crepe. The fusion of flavors creates a memorable culinary journey, and the friendly barista adds a personal touch to your visit.

@heyiamash PENANG: Khing Cafe have one of the best interior design! You will have a lot of grammeable spots here. They also made the best crepe in town. It was such an amazing experience at the cafe, feeling like in english cafe in the 60’s. The biscoff crepe and cafe latte was so unreal. Shout out to both waitress/barista there. They were so friendly and smiles a lot!! 😄 . . . #khingcafe #crepecake #biscoff #cafe #hiddengems #travelinpenang #travelinmalaysia #travelinasia #cafehopping #penang ♬ Heavy Wave - Motorama

Khing Cafe is not just a place to satisfy your cravings; it's a haven for crepe enthusiasts and those seeking a unique cafe experience. So, take a break from your Georgetown exploration, unwind at Khing Cafe, and relish the delightful combination of flavors and ambiance. It's a true hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Georgetown, Penang, is a tapestry of culture, art, and culinary delights. Our journey from KL, the comfortable stay, and the exploration of unique places made it a trip to remember. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or an art lover, Georgetown has something special for everyone. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the charm of Penang's streets and hidden gems.

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