This is not a Taiwanese buffet-to-stir-fry (Mongolia chicken). We are talking about A REAL MONGOLIA BARBECUE! And it has a connection with Mongolia. If you are looking for a street food or food hunting, it is a MUST TRY when you are in Kuala Lumpur. 

mongolia bbq changkat bukit bintang

They offers various snacking food such as, broccoli, mushrooms, sausages, fishball, etc. But it is a MUST to try their Grilles Chicken Wings! It is smoked and seasoned with spices. All were perfectly cooked and fresh. They also have an extended menu like fried rice, soup, stirred fry vegetables. We tried on Thai Fried Rice for 2. Surprisingly, we got it in a BIG portion. It is worth it!

mongolian bbq chicken wing

mongolian bbq thai fried rice

mongolian bbq deep fried oyster mushroom

mongolian bbq deep fried broccoli

👍 It is operating from 5pm - 5am almost everyday
👍 Located on the corner one street over from Jalan Alor
👍 All this at a very affordable price too!

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