Callebaut, the chocolate maker preferred by artisans and chefs around the world is thrilled to debut its ground-breaking and innovative gourmet chocolates – ruby RB2, NXT Dark and NXT M_lk – in Malaysia.

Callebaut produced its first bar of chocolate in 1911 and began exporting its finest Belgian chocolates in 1950. Renowned for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Callebaut has become the preferred choice of renowned chefs, chocolatiers, and artisans worldwide. Callebaut’s extensive range of chocolate products set the industry standard for taste, craftsmanship, and creative possibilities. And today, Callebaut is made from traceable cocoa beans and is 100% sustainable.

Ruby RB2

Ruby is the 4th chocolate after dark, milk and white. It has a distinctive intense fruitiness and fresh sour notes, along with its remarkable ruby color. Dedicated to artisans, ruby is a gift of Mother Nature. Callebaut ruby RB2 unleashes spark and takes chocolate indulgence to a new high. Its unique colour and taste of ruby RB2 originate from the ruby cocoa bean and has no artificial colorants or berry-like flavourings. Ruby RB2 is nature at its most indulgent.

The worldwide launch of Callebaut ruby RB2 in Malaysia underscores Callebaut’s confidence that the chocolate market in the country is also driven by emerging trends. As consumers look for more intense taste experiences, ruby RB2 satisfies their cravings for new chocolate sensations. Research shows that ruby resonates strongly with a new generation of consumers – mainly millennials (18–35 years old) who balance a healthy lifestyle with the quest for extreme pleasure. RB2 will also be most attractive to leading hotels, restaurants, cafes as well as bakery and pastry outlets in Malaysia

100% Dairy-Free Chocolates 

As for NXT, Kotuszewski said it is the world’s first dairy-free chocolate made for the next generation of chocolate lovers who want to do good, feel good and indulge better. 

“Dairy-free is the highest and strictest standard in the market, and as both NXT Dark and NXT M_lk are made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any detectable traces of milk or dairy in them, it is most suitable for the growing community of vegan and plant-based foodies. 

“To ensure our consumers can enjoy these NXT chocolates without any worries, we make sure to produce these NXT chocolates in a segregated production environment where no dairy ingredients are processed,” Kotuszewski said, while stressing that they don’t even allow nuts, eggs or other allergen-containing ingredients to be around the production facility. 

He added that to maintain the creaminess and lovely taste of traditional milk chocolates, they have replaced the milk or dairy with chufa, a 100% plant-based alternative that has a naturally sweet taste. 

“Chufa is the tuber from the plant Cyperus esculentus that grows in the Mediterranean region. After the harvest, the tubers are dried and ground, and used as tasty, creamy and nutritious milk replacers as they are rich in fibre. 

“Additionally, chufa is also used to create delicious and nutritious horchata drinks,” Kotuszewski explained. Horchata is a popular Mexican drink made out of rice, milk, vanilla and cinnamon. 

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