HWC Coffee, the first Specialty Coffee chain in Malaysia is now open!  Unlike typical retail outlets, this store will combine a retail space and an academy, aiming to revolutionize the coffee industry.

Having established its presence in Malaysia for over a year, HWC Coffee is excited to unveil its flagship store and will introduce eight new varieties of coffee beans to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. With a focus on Hand-Brewed coffee, the flagship store will strengthen HWC's position in the Specialty Coffee market.

HWC Coffee Academy, slated to begin operation in July, will offer professional coffee courses, allowing coffee lovers to gain a deeper understanding of coffee knowledge and culture. To further elevate customer experience, customers can now conveniently place their orders through the user-friendly HWC Coffee APP.

Situated in a mature yet bustling neighborhood, the flagship store is designed to cater for all coffee lovers, positioning itself as a top-tier Specialty Coffee destination. The entire shop is painted white, symbolizing cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. Featuring minimalist designs, the store provides a diverse array of seating options, ensuring that customers can find the perfect spot that aligns with their individual preferences. Whether seeking a conducive work environment or a place to socialize with friends, you can savour your coffee in a serene and tranquilizing atmosphere

The HWC Coffee Flagship Store & Coffee Academy opening ceremony was graced by the Founder of HWC Roaster Penny Lim, Chairman Joe Huang, Founder of HWC Coffee Malaysia Hoe Kian Choon, Chief Executive Officer Zenda Ng,  Chief Operation Officer Penny Chan, HWC Marketing Consultant Sam Mak and Marketing Director Edmund Lai, HWC Friend Natasha Sass, Business partners EXSIM HOLDINGS SDN. BHD and Vincent Chin.

During the opening ceremony, Zenda Ng announced the upcoming launch of a new series of Specialty Coffee Beans, set to debut in July. Among the highly anticipated additions is the HWC Taiwan Alishan Honey Roasted Coffee Bean, a seasonal offering with an impressive score of 93 out of 100 in the Coffee Review evaluation.

The other seven new Single-Origin additions include Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA FAQ, Colombia Huila El Divino Niño, Indonesia Blue Diamond Golden Mandheling, Costa Rica La Minita El conquistador, Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB, and Brazil Ipanema Estate Dulce. Each of these beans has been carefully selected by HWC Coffee for coffee enthusiasts in Malaysia. Starting today, the public can enjoy the aforementioned coffees at our flagship store. Coffee beans will be available for purchase in-store and online starting in July.

Zenda Ng highlighted the diverse flavour profiles of the scheduled launch of Specialty Coffee Beans. When discussing the medium-light roast “Ethiopia Yirgacheffe”, she emphasized its delightful combinations of floral and fruity notes. As for other coffee beans, which fall into the medium-dark and dark roast categories, each has a distinct, mellow and rich taste, she added. 

HWC Coffee's flagship store is the first HWC store that offers Hand-Brewed Coffee. Coffee lovers will soon indulge in a wide range of freshly roasted coffee beans, sourced from different origins, each with its own unique flavour profile. Customers can choose their preferred brewing mode, including V60 Pour-Over and Press Brewing methods, allowing them to savour the distinct taste of coffee.

"This marks a significant milestone in promoting high-quality Specialty Coffee and meeting the demand of coffee lovers in Malaysia for exceptional coffee."

She does not rule out the possibility of expanding filter coffee pouring services in selected HWC Coffee stores that meet the criteria, enabling everyone to enjoy HWC's brew at any time.

To enhance the overall user experience and provide added convenience, HWC Coffee is excited to announce the official launch of the HWC Coffee mobile application in June, allowing customers to explore a wider range of features and benefits, all at their fingertips. During the promotional period, customers who download the application and register as members will enjoy a limited-time offer of purchasing a cup of Americano or Latte for just RM1. (More Details)

Over the past 15 months, HWC Coffee Malaysia has expanded its presence across Malaysia, with nearly 30 coffee outlets and kiosks have been opened in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching, and Seremban. These outlets are strategically located in major shopping malls, bustling commercial areas, universities, and banking districts. 

Since its establishment, HWC Coffee has earned consumer recognition for its high-quality offerings, thanks to its commitment to serving Specialty Coffee to coffee lovers. Likewise, the brand has achieved another milestone by opening its first Brunei Flagship Store in May. 

HWC Coffee is on track to achieve its annual expansion target of opening more than 50 brand stores across the country with the company already reaching 50% of its goal, according to Zenda Ng. 

In the second quarter, the company successfully expanded its presence in Penang and Seremban, as well as having two new brand stores in Kuching.

“It is anticipated that in the second half of the year, HWC Coffee will continue its expansion into Johor, Sabah, Malacca and Ipoh,” Zenda Ng said.

For more information, please visit HWC Coffee Malaysia website at and download HWC Coffee mobile application.

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